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Microcontroller based Device to assist in consistent drying of Tea Made without under and over fire
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The present drying practice is to maintain pre-determined temperatures of Dryer Inlet Air which does not give correct and consistent drying results during the drying process because of changing ambient air conditions (RH) during the drying process. This results in over firing or / and under firing (Stewing) in final ‘Made Tea’ and, thus making inconsistent quality of "Made Tea". To overcome this existing problems of over firing or stewing of tea inside the dryer of inappropriate setting of inlet air temperature during the drying process, Stesalit have successfully developed a Microprocessor based Electronically Controlled System called ‘VARUN’, (Idea conceived by Mr. Ranjit Chaliha, a distinguished tea planter) which continuously measures ambient air conditions i.e., temperature and real time humidity, through sensors and electronically computes the data and displays the correct ‘should be’ dryer inlet air temperature on real time basis during the drying process. By setting the correct temperature as displaced in ‘VARUN’, the tea factory can get consistent and uniformly dried ‘Made Tea’ without any over fire / under fire (Stewing) ‘Made Tea’. This results in consistent and better quality of ‘Made Tea’ getting a better price realization of ‘Made Tea’.

Salient Features / Advantage

  • Elimination of over firing or stewing of teas inside the drier.
  • More consistent drier output irrespective of atmospheric conditions.
  • Maximum Utilisation of potential drying capacity of inlet air.
  • Considerable saving in fuel cost.
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