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Microcontroller Based Humidity Management System (HMS)
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It is well acceptedCARC 04 fact that relative Humidity plays very important role during entire tea manufacturing at all processing zones. At present, tea planters are mainly dependent on conventional Dry Bulb & Wet Bulb thermometers and based on difference between dry Bulb and wet Bulb thermometers they derive the % RH from standard Psychometric table. But it is very difficult to get the correct % RH since it is not possible to see the exact difference between Dry Bulb and Wet Bulb temperature in decimals and it is prone to get the erroneous %RH values resulting in taking incorrect decisions.

TO OVERCOME aforesaid problem Stesalit introduces the Humidity Management System which monitors the Dry & Wet Bulb temperature digitally and display the % RH instantly following the standard Psychometric chart.

System Overview

Microcontroller based Humidity Management System senses the dry & wet temperatures of air through a highly accurate intelligent state-of-art Sensor and directly computes the %RH as per the embedded psychometric logic inside. The single indicator & controller module digitally displays the current %RH and the Dry bulb temperature of the surrounding air.

The Humidity management System has in-built facilities to set the lower and upper limits for the desired %RH, along with incorporated audio-visual annunciation / control mechanism in case of any variation from the pre-set % RH limits. The control output signals can also be used to automatically activate / de-activate any attached electro-mechanical devices in the installed Air-Humidification unit to maintain the desired %RH within the preset limits.

Salient Features / Advantage

  • Accurate monitoring of surrounding Temperature and %RH to decide the corresponding fermentation residence time
  • %RH can be easily controlled as per preset %RH values through auto controller (optional)
  • Provision for Upper and Lower limit setting of %RH
  • Audio-Visual annunciation
  • %RH measuring range up to 99% and accuracy around 98%
  • Operating temperature upto 50°C
  • Computer interface for remote monitoring of %RH & Dry Bulb temperature (optional)
  • Wireless connectivity with sensor to display (optional)
  • 85- 264 VAC Universal power supply input
  • Display Module size 96mm x 192mm x 150mm (HxWxD) the preset limits.
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