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Our Valued Customers (Out Of India)

  • BRAC Tea Division, Bangladesh.
  • T.K. Group, Bangladesh
  • Halda Valley Tea Co. Ltd, Bangladesh.
  • Hill Plantation Ltd, Bangladesh.
  • Ispahani Group, Bangladesh
  • Imperial Tea Estate Ltd, Bangladesh
  • The Kapna Tea Co. Ltd. Bangladesh
  • Eastern Produce Kenya Limited.
  • Mogeni Tea, Kenya.
  • Mau Tea Company, Kenya.
  • Nandi Tea Estates, Nandi Hills, Kenya.
  • The Sotik Tea Co. Ltd, Kenya.
  • Gisovu Tea Co. Ltd, MRWL, Rwanda.
  • Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd. Rwanda.
  • McLeod Russel Uganda Ltd, MRUL, Uganda.
  • Phu Ben Tea Company Limited, (Vietnam)
  • NTDC, Nepal.
  • Transcom Group, Bangladesh
  • Kedarpur Tea Company, Bangladesh
  • Planter BD (Sreebari), Bangladesh
  • Sylhet Planters (Luayuni & Holicherra), Bangladesh
  • M. Rahman Tea Company, Bangladesh
  • NTC Group, Bangladesh
  • NJERU Industries Ltd, Kenya
  • and Many more...
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