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Intelligent Coal Air Ratio Controller (CARC - 04
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1. The present heating practice in tea industry isCARC 04 to maintain pre-determined temperature of inlet and exhaust air, based on experience. But due to manual control over the three major components of the heater, e.g., ID fan, FD fan & Chain Grate Stoker according to the need, the temperature keeps on fluctuating, causing inconsistency & quality deterioration in tea made.

2. As per prevalent and commonly used practice of manual control over the heaters, more fuel as well as more electrical power than actually required is consumed for drying of tea. Consequently, the factory suffers from the detrimental effect of rise in cost of the end product.

TO OVERCOME from above explained problems Stesalit has introduced CARC–04 to maintain the constant inlet temperature in Dryer.

System Overview

Coal Air Ratio Controller (CARC-04) is a time tested and proven product at tea factories. CARC-04 offers to overcome the existing problem of inlet temperature variation due to manual operation in dryer through a close loop control system. CARC-04 maintains the combustion chamber temperature constantly by varying the speed of Chain Grate, FD FAN and ID FAN precisely within the permissible level which in turn maintains the preset and preferred inlet air temperature to Dryer.

Salient Features / Advantage

  • Rugged frequency drives are used with best possible protection to avoid failure due to power fluctuation
  • Maintain constant temperature at Dryer Inlet (T1) results in to enhance the tea made quality consistently
  • Minimize the production cost by optimum use of coal and electrical energy
  • Minimize air pollution by ensuring the proper combustion of coal
  • Reduces the Heater maintenance cost
  • Payback period for investment is around 6 months depend on manufacturing practice and coal quality One CARC-04 is suitable
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