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Multichannel Temperature Scanner (MTS) for Accurate Monitoring of Temperature
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Temperature plays most critical role at all stages of tea processing starting from the plucking. Most Tea factories use Thermo-couple based sensors for Temperature monitoring and control. Thermocouple based sensor are not very accurate and temperature measurement by this method is prone to error.

To overcome this, Stesalit has developed “Multichannel Temperature Scanner (MTS)MTS a smart solution for temperature monitoring and control. Apart from highly accurate Pt-100 RTD temperature sensors, MTS also uses wireless solution to monitor the temperature remotely. It can be used anywhere like: monitoring of Dryer temperature T1, T2, T3, & T5 simultaneously in case of VFBD. It also generates online thermograph if connected with computer.

‘MTS’ are designed to meet the customized requirement. User can set lower and upper limit for desired temperature. In case of any variation in temperature from preset limits, audio- visual annunciation will become active.

Salient Features / Advantage

  • Accurate monitoring of Temperature through RTD (Pt-100) temperature sensor.
  • Provision for Upper and Lower limit setting of temperature.alongwith audio-visual annunciation.
  • Temperature data can be stored in PC and online thermograph can be obtained for analysis.
  • Temperature measuring range: 0°C to 250°C or as per requirement with maximum ±1° C error.
  • Easy installation/ maintenance as it is based on Wireless technology.
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