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CFM Monitoring & Controlling System (CFM Automation)
For achieving QualiTEA by means of best optimized Fermentation.
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Scope of Work:

  • Temperature Monitoring of CFM modules (4 nos. of sensing zones).
  • Relative Humidity (% RH) measurement of DUCT air and controlling of Mist chamber pump (5/7.5 HP) as per the user set limit.
  • Monitoring of Air-pressure of DUCT and controlling the Air Flow Fan motor speed (5/7.5 HP) by using Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) at mist chamber to vary the air-pressure.
  • Monitoring of CFM bed material (MAL) thickness.
  • Monitoring & controlling CFM residence time depends upon user defined parameters by using VFDs.
  • All the controlling operation will be done AUTO or manually.

Scope of Supply:

  • Display cum Controlling Unit for monitoring and controlling.
  • 4 nos. RTD suitable to monitor the temperature of different zones of CFM.
  • RTD (Pt100) based RH Sensor and Controller module.
  • Air pressure sensor for measuring air pressure in duct.
  • Sensor for measuring Residence Time of CFM.
  • Ultrasonic sensor for measuring thickness of CFM material (MAL).
  • Drive unit consisting of 2 nos. of VFDs of 5/7.5 HP and protection circuits.
  • Sensors to Display interconnecting Cables.
  • Serial port for MODBUS data (baud rate 9600, frequency minimum of 1 sec).
  • Audio Visual annunciation for any alarm.
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