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Stesalit Automation, a SEI-CMM-Level3 company (Highest International Certification for Technology) and an ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 27001:2005 certified Group Company. Stesalit is headed by Arun Khemka, having Masters degree in Engineering from M.I.T., U.S.A.

Stesalit, a pioneer in designing and manufacturing of state of the art of process automation systems/equipments, for over two decades, has developed a large number of Microcontroller based Process Automation Systems / Equipments for tea processing, which are being used from Withering to Sorting processes in tea factories, resulting in better quality of made tea and substantial cost savings in energy for the tea factories.

Stesalit has its own extensive R&D centre supported by a team of highly experienced engineers and latest development tools. Its state of the art R&D centre is approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.

Over 1000 (Thousand) Nos. of our above systems / equipments are presently working in over one hundred leading tea factories in India and abroad. Stesalit is having its offices at Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad, Baroda, Chennai, and Bangalore and is maintaining a large force of Service Engineers to provide prompt after-sales-service of their equipments in tea factories.

Stesalit is the only company in India, who has taken up development and manufacturing of tea automation process equipment on such large scale. Stesalit specializes in providing one stop solutions for process automation for different stages of tea processing like Withering, Rotorvane Feeding, Fermenting and Drying etc. It is the first manufacturer in India, to use advanced electronics & Microcontroller technology for end-to-end process automation for tea factories.

These process automation equipments, not only help in producing better tea, but also help significantly in saving the energy like Electrical power & fuel and manpower as well, in tea factories. The payback period for these equipments is less than one year, after which, they continue to contribute towards producing better quality tea consistently and in cost reduction for the tea factories everyday by spending minimal/negligible maintenance cost. With enahanced quality of made tea due to these process automation, tea factories will get better price realization for their tea.

Stesalit has also successfully developed SXagro - a model agro-informatics platform for real time agri-data and analytics. It uses remote sensing based satellite data and ground survey to build actionable intelligence for Agri-community. Stesalit has been internationally recognized and has been awarded at Geospatial World Award Forum at Geneva (Switzerland) on 8th May, 2014 for its development of SXagro.

Through our SXagro model, the following could be analyzed for tea crop:

  • Predictability and control of pest in tea bushes.
  • Crop Yield forecast for periods ranging from fortnights to a month.
  • Fertilizer and other input calculations to achieve maximum bush productivity.

The above analysis helps in increasing the quality as well as maximizes the production of tea crop

Stesalit has tie ups with Skymap (Singapore), Rapid Eye (Germany) and Neo BV (Netherlands) for real time analytics in agriculture business.

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